Thursday, September 24, 2009

52 Projects

Last year, I bought a book called 52 Projects: Random Acts of Creativity. It contains 52 activities that help boost creativity. When I bought the book, I hoped that I would do some of the projects to help fill my time. Since I was still in the middle of a Master’s program, that didn’t really happen. That is about to change!
I went through the book and have selected some of my favorite projects to get to work on. Here are the highlights of just a few projects that I will focus on.
Project #3: Get your camera. Get on the train. Take the train to the end of the line. Take photos.
Project #19: Write the story of the best night of your life.
Project #21: Take one picture every day for a month.
Project #50: Find your favorite writer’s books in the library. Then, see which writer comes next on the shelf. Check out the works of this newly discovered writer and start reading.
I might not do every project in the book, but I will be blogging my way through the projects as I finish them. Some of them will be used as the basis for scrapbook pages, and others will be just for the blog. I hope that all of them will serve as conversation starters around the blogosphere.
Hope you enjoy my journey!

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